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Intellectual Property Rights (I.P.R) is the most valuable asset for which you have worked hard. Trade Mark Registration Bureau is a law firm, which offers exclusive service on intellectual property rights (IPR). The Firm's network and access to local and international arena enables it to quickly and effectively solve its clients' diverse needs.

We also offer the following Legal Services:

  • Filing of Trade Mark, Copyright, Design and Patent Applications in India and abroad.
  • Searching in Trade Mark, Patent, Copyright and Design matters.
  • Drafting & filing suits relating to infringement of trade marks, Copyrights and Designs.
  • Filing the Infringement Cases, Writ petition & appeals before the high court regarding the Trade Mark, Copyrights and Designs.
  • Filing civil & criminal cases regarding the Trade Mark, Copyrights and Designs.
  • Drafting & Filing the Appeals / Cancellation proceeding in the Appellate Forum.

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